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Valentine rant 2020

15 Feb, 2020 - 2 minutes
Well.. a year has passed by, and I have to say that stuff happened, A LOT of stuff happened, let’s briefly resume it here. First and foremost, I got my bachelor degree, yayy! I graduated with honors in Computing Science last July, and I’m now studying for my master’s. I decided to switch from the Science, Physics and Mathematics Department to the Science and Engineering one. This is mainly due to the flexibility of the latest over the former, I’m able to choose 75% of my exams, being thus able to flavour it the way I prefer.

Valentine's day

15 Feb, 2019 - 2 minutes
Yesterday was Valentine’s day and I am in a phase in my life that’s not brilliant love wise. I got a couple of affairs with a couple of women in the last couple of months and that’s amazing, don’t get me wrong!. Nevertheless yesterday I found myself in a dark place when I met again with one of them. The night went through as usual: alcohol and cigarettes. When I finally arrived home I felt the urge to comfort myself.