Valentine's day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and I am in a phase in my life that’s not brilliant love wise. I got a couple of affairs with a couple of women in the last couple of months and that’s amazing, don’t get me wrong!.

Nevertheless yesterday I found myself in a dark place when I met again with one of them. The night went through as usual: alcohol and cigarettes.

When I finally arrived home I felt the urge to comfort myself. To tell myself everything was right. This is what I came up with.

When you see your crush on Valentine's day and you are both singles but she is
flirting with another guy :<

Now, stop for a second. Breathe. Keep calm. Get your shit together and have a
scientific approach to the situation.

Even if right now I can't focus on it, it doesn't mean I got no chance. Focus on
study. Get a job. Continue working out. Eventually love will come.

About love:

0. Love yourself (that's the stuff above)
1. Carpe diem
2. Be yourself
3. Have fun

But most importantly, DON'T own anyone. DON'T be owned by anyone. DON'T depend
on anyone. DON'T let anyone depend on you.

The statements above are NOT to be meant as absolute but rather as common
directives. (only a Sith deals in absolutes)

You never know what happens. Being fair, you don't know anything.

Being honest I’m a little bit overwhelmed by life right now: I’m studying for my last exam, I am working on my thesis and I got a couple of work offers I have to evaluate. The choices I will take in this brief period of time will project in my life forever. I feel like I’m Nemo.

I’m not surprised I got this reaction, and I’m sharing it with you hoping it can give you some positive force in the direction you want your life to go to.

Grateful of what life gave me so far, I would had love to kiss her again.

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